What does it take to be a sucessful Germantown/Collierville woman?

Silver Suburban/Yukon (H2 or 3 is OK as well… or anything that gets less than 12mpg)
Plastic Surgery
A litter of children
Blonde hair (or at least blonde highlights)
A designer purse of some sort (Lois Vuitton, Hermes, Coach, etc.)
Oversized sunglasses of the same designer
Manicure/pedicure from a salon that charges a premium price because all of its manicurists “speak perfect english” (yes, this is an advertised feature of the high-dollar places around here)
A mobile phone surgically attached to the side of your head
Stickers with your kids names/sports on the back of your silver suburban/yukon
“W” sticker next to your kids’ stickers
A husband who you don’t really love, but makes enough money to pay for all this

Yes, I’m bitter. These women terrorize me when I ride my bike. I had one get pissed at me in a school zone yesterday (again) because I rode in the middle of the lane, at (actually 1mph more than) the posted speed limit, and she could not get around me because there were too many other silver suburbans parked on the side of the road picking their kids up.

Anyone want to add to the list?

Let WHO ride?

I’m sick of this whole “Let Levi ride” campaign. I’m not buying into it. No, it’s not fair that he and the current team didn’t do anything wrong, but he chose to join a team whose riders cheated in the past and got caught. Did he think that Astana would go unpunished? You sold yourself to the highest bidding team. Now you have to deal with the consequences.

Also, why just Levi? Where’s the widespread “Let Alberto Ride” propaganda? He won The Tour last year- if Astana is out, then we get to have another tour without a rider wearing #1. And, If I’m not mistaken, a great deal of Levi’s success in the ToC was achieved through help from his teammates- why haven’t I received 20 Myspace bulletins telling me to sign the online petition to let Chris or Vladamir ride??

I say don’t give in. No special treatment for anyone. Don’t let Levi ride.

Bad Indy!

I was in the shower earlier and heard a loud “thump” coming from somewhere in the house. When I got out, I found my bike tipped over on the floor and my dogs looking super innocent…

Indy sucks at looking innocent, though…


Crosswind Classic Road Race

I had some spare time between classes and decided to draw Saturday’s course out on MapMyRide so I could get an idea of the terrain. You can click on “View in MapMyRide” and look at the elevation info available…

Nevermind… there IS no terrain!

Brickhouse Composition

So, last July, I was at my lightest in a long time, weighing in at around 130 pounds. I had my bodyfat checked and measured in at 15%. Now, after lifting weights all winter, gaining over 10 pounds, then losing some, I’m 139 pounds. I got my bodyfat checked again today and came in at 16%. Statistically speaking, these numbers are the same. I need to continue to lose weight so that climbing is a bit easier (or course, when my SRAM Red finally gets in, that will help…), but I am happy with how I look now. Before I just looked a little emaciated. Now I’ve got more of a Laura van Gilder thing going on!

Arkansas Weekend Report

I left out around 7:30 on Saturday with some friends to head over to the Ozarks for some climbing. After getting lunch in Russellville, we drove to the little town of Paris, where we parked and bundled up to climb Mt. Magazine. We made the mistake of parking very close to the start of the north side of the climb, so we ended up hitting a nice 7% grade about 3 minutes after pulling out of the parking lot. The climb on the way out was challenging, but it was nice since it alternated between climbs and flat or slightly downhill reprieves. We took a break at the top- probably not a good idea, because it was colder, windy, and we had to make the decent on the other side.

I need to work on my descending- I tend to be a bit too cautious :) Of course, it didn’t help that there was random sand on the road, and my hands froze in my sweaty gloves and then started to lose feeling and circulation. We had to stop again at a gas station in Havana so I could run them under some warm water, which painfully brought the feeling back (my nail beds and fingertips are still sore from the episode).
The mapmyride.com image of the route:

Mt. Magazine x2

Sunday, we decided to sleep in and wait for the weather to warm up a little. Around 10:30, we packed up and headed to Petit Jean State Park. Petit Jean is smaller, but the climb up is steeper than Magazine in several sections. We had planned to ride out of the park and make a 36 mile loop that finished with a climb up the mountain, but the roads that I’d originally found on a Google map seemed to not exist once we were on the mountain! Instead, we warmed up with a mountaintop loop on a packed dirt road (including some very nice views) before descending, riding out about 10 miles, then riding back for the climb. I rode the climb as hard as I possibly could and finished at the top with the best sprint I could muster (all of 26mph). I was surprised that I felt so good after Saturday’s outing.

Here’s what Ryan’s Polar download looked like (the brown part is elevation):

Ryan's Polar dowload of Petit Jean

All in all, it was a good weekend. I feel like I did pretty well considering I’m more of a brick house than a 110 pound climber :) It was also only the 3rd (and 4th and 5th) time to climb a mountain (1st was the Joe Martin TT and 2nd was the Chattanooga River Gorge race). Now, I just have to recover a bit and get ready for the Crosswinds Classic next weekend…

Early season madness…

Here’s the prospective schedule:

3/1: CARVE Crosswinds Classic RR
N. Little Rock, AR

3/15: Hoover Criterium
Birmingham, AL

4/12-13 GA Cup Chattanooga
Chattanooga, TN
RR, TT, Crit

4/21-22 MS Grand Prix Stage Race
Brookhaven, MS
RR, TT, Crit

4/26-27 Tour le Fleur
, MS

 It’s a little more than I had originally planned, but the goal is to do well enough to get a discretionary upgrade to cat 2 before the nearby NRC races start in May. It will most likely result in me taking a little mid-summer break in racing once I’m past the May rush. I don’t mind- the challenge makes it more fun!

Climbing time!

It’s time for some (much needed) climbing practice! I’ve decided to tag along with some of my former teammates from Memphis Velo for a weekend of climbing in Arkansas. We’ll be visiting Mt. Magazine and others that will be featured in the upcoming Tour of Arkansas race. It will be my first real climbing since the River Gorge race in Chattanooga late last summer, so I’m really looking forward to getting a feel for my fitness level after being confined to the local rollers of the greater Memphis area.

Wish me luck!

Front squat day!

The workout of the day is 10 heavy single reps of the front squat…

My breakdown (in kilograms- 1kg=2.2pounds):
60 (my previous max!)
67.5 (world’s slowest rep!)

Afterwards, I went for an easy bike ride. Between the wind hell of yesterday and the front squats today, my quads started out feeling like someone had taken a meat tenderizer to them. They loosened up after a few miles, though, so I’m feeling better now :)

Wind Hell

With a 20-25mph SSW wind, today’s ride was hard work. My zone 4 intervals alternated between crawling south at 14mph with my heart rate pegged at 190+ and flying north at 30+ mph. My legs are sore, but I needed it. I generally suck at dealing with headwinds, so I need all the practice I can get!