Ouachita National Forest Adventure, Take 2

Not much going on around Memphis right now, and I’m still trying my best to prepare for the Fool’s Gold 50 in a couple of weeks. There’s a short track MTB race in Little Rock next Saturday, which, by itself, isn’t very much like a 50 mile endurance race, but is a good draw to venture to Arkansas for other riding…


Pink: Mt Ida- closest town to the Womble Trail
Purple: Lake Ouachita Vista Trail (LOViT) Trailhead
Blue: Little Blakely (mixed reviews from what I’ve seen
Green: the old stand-by, Lake Sylvia, and miles of forest/4×4 roads with some long, occasionally steep climbs

A visit to those would be a great addition to my dwindling weeks of summer vacation, and would give me an opportunity to try out my Element as a camping vehicle.