Though Jens was looking clean on the outside, I knew that the now-infamous DSG uber-butter mud was hiding wherever it could. So yesterday, I started taking things apart.

First, the chain came off. It was new, but even after a thorough cleaning, it was rusted beyond saving. To the trash!

Next, the crank and bottom bracket:




I got those rinsed off but then wondered how the bearings themselves were looking…


I got that all cleaned/greased/happy and re-insalled it. When I started to re-install the chainrings onto the crank, I found that multiple teeth had burrs of metal sticking out from the edges (you couldn’t see them for the most part, so no photos, but feeling them was easy). I ended up using a file to gently remove the damage and make the damaged teeth as smooth as possible. I had enough chainsuck on Saturday to last my entire life, so I don’t care to experience it again.

Next, I decided to check out the headset.



I wiped it out, rubbed a bit of Phil Wood grease on it, and put everything back together. The only thing I’m not very comfortable with but still want to inspect are the hubs. They feel smooth, but I imagine that they have at least a little bit of grime inside of them, so I’ll probably end up taking them to the shop and watching while one of the guys takes them apart for servicing.

EDIT to ADD: The hubs were perfect… not a drop of mud in them! Hope Pro II hubs FTW!!!

Now it’s time for a shakedown ride and a test of the Garmin Edge 205 that I won for my 2 laps of attricion @ DSG.

4 thoughts on “Aftermath

  1. thats the worse thing about a mud race. the bikes take a beating. its cool that you fix it right. i think i saw your pictures with hope hubs on your bike. there are some youtube videos or maybe at their website that walk you through rebuilds. looked pretty simple.

  2. Syllamo was a mud fest also. I was able to wash my bike off in the river before the drive home, but felt too out of it when I got home to do much other than a basic cleaning. I took it to the shop on Monday to let someone else worry about it since I stil felt like crap.

    Bump ‘N Grind is next! Party On!

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