Las Tortugas Deli Mexicana

I have driven past Deli Mexicana on Germantown Parkway just south of the Wolf River bridge for a long time and always wondered what a Mexican deli was. I finally checked it out today and I was highly impressed. Everything is fresh, handmade, and authentically Mexican.

If you’re looking for a place to gorge yourself on queso dip, fajitas, and a #35 combo-Â this place isn’t for you. It’s apparent that this pisses some people off, because a note posted next to the register lets customers know that if you’re rude to the staff, they will refuse to serve you. After working in Germantown in the past, I can probably name a few of the residents that would go in with their inflated sense of entitlement and get belligerent when they can’t have an overflowing bowl of melted cheese to eat before their main course. I digress…

This place is to Mexican food what Green Bamboo is to Vietnamese food. Check the website for a menu & directions: Las Tortugas