Cyclocrunk #3

I took the final tuesday of Cyclocrunk off to allow my strained hip adductor to heal for the “payout” race this weekend. The Cyclocrunk series ended with my teammate Casey Malone taking the race win over Bikes Plus owner Karen Malgorski. As a result, Karen and I tied for the series win…


Not that Casey wouldn’t have raced her heart out otherwise, but if she hadn’t turned herself inside out for the win on the final race night, Karen would have taken sole ownership of the overall award. I thought she deserved some crunkness:


Later on, at the after party, my one remaining piece of crunk winnings was stolen by Robyn (on the left in the photo below), the manager of the Union Outdoors store (though I’m hoping to get it back today when I go to work).


Essentially, all of the Cyclocrunk hardware was taken away that night by hot lesbians. Gangsta indeed…