Singlespeed- Memphis Style

Looks like the A9C singlespeed is finally happening…

Unlike fellow blogger Dicky, (who is keeping his current level 4 classified top secret project, well, secret) I’m horrible at keeping these types of things a secret.

This time, I’m taking a break from the usual red anodized parts and giving my ride a touch of Memphis style with some gold touches (still needs fake diamonds… working on it): hubs (Hope, of course), chain, brake lines, seatpost collar, and headset spacers (maybe a headset in the future, but the frame comes with one, so I’ll stick with that for now). I’ve even got half a mind to find a local hotrod shop that will anodize my Thompson goodies. Bling bling, indeed…

Of course, I know it’s possible to get gold nipples (snicker) and chainring bolts, but those are two places where I’m sticking to brass and steel (respectively). I’ve learned the hard way that those are parts where saving weight/looking fresh aren’t worth the loss of reliability/durability. Trust me… it’s been incredibly tempting to click “add to cart” every time I’ve seen the box of gold DT swiss alloy nipples. Just typing that makes me feel bling-greedy. I keep reverting back to the mental image I’ve got of my current wheelsets, sitting on the truing stand with worn out-looking red nipples, and how I have to use the “tight” spoke wrench on them to keep from stripping anything out.

Trust me, stripped nipples are no fun.

I’m expecting parts to arrive next week. Hopefully my X-Mas Syllamo adventures will be on a blinged-out carbon monster.

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