I used to read Brickhouseracing, but…


I hear it in post-race conversation all the time. “I used to read ‘x’ blog, but then ‘x’ happened and I got tired of it and stopped.”

Lately, I’ve been noticing a falling off for page visits to this site. Maybe it’s the lull in posting as of late? Is it my breath? My hair? Maybe I should comment more often on Dicky’s blog so that a few of his 11ty billion readers wander over here. When I asked him back around Southern Cross time how to gain more readership, his advice to me  was to “start a blog in 2006,” or something like that.

I’m guessing it’s a general lack of excitement and adventure that my previous posts once had. So, in sort of a “raise your hand if you’re not here” fashion, I’m open to suggestions- both from the loyal few that stick around here, as well as some of you that wander in by accident, read this post, and decide you’re probably never coming back.

P.S. “Tits or GTFO” is not a valid suggestion.



15 thoughts on “I used to read Brickhouseracing, but…

  1. I come here when I see a link from twitter or fb, otherwise I would never remember to check for an update.

  2. for real, who cares what others want to read. I read it because I am interested in what you are doing. If you changed the dynamic to suit potential readers, you would probably lose some too. But if readership is what you are looking for, get pregnant or start collecting cats.

  3. OK, I’ll start visiting your site 10-15 times per day to make you feel better and to insure that you keep up with your blog….I have nothing else better to do—can’t ride, and you do make me smile a lot…. ;-)

  4. You are a rider in my town who has great stories to tell, so I come here almost every day looking to see what is going on with you.

    I still find you interesting! (In a non dirty old man way)

  5. it’s summer. no one should be sitting inside reading things online.
    why does it matter how many people read anyway? I always get creeped out and stop posting after I check my blog stats, so I just don’t check. I don’t care if there are random stoppers-by looking to find out what kind of tires they should run on the Colorado Trail (although: WeirWolf is the way to go), I usually only write it to tell people I know about things I did. I would recommend talking constantly about tire choice if you want more hits, because it seems like most of the search phrases I get (aside from my name), are about tires.

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