Pearl Izumi, WTF were you thinking?!?

So I’m flipping through Velonews and I come across an ad for Pearl Izumi clothing. However, the ad tells me nothing about the clothes, because it’s essentially (for lack of a better term) faceless tits in a jersey (see photo below… warning- may be offensive to some). Now, I’m not one to get worked up over some nudity in most situations, but this is blatant “sex sells” advertising. It’s objectifying and disrespectful. I find it to be somewhat of a slap in the face to the women like myself who take their sport very seriously, and don’t care to be percieved as some sort of jersey-meat for the purpose of advertising.

I’ve emailed both Pearl Izumi and Velonews about the lack of taste in their advertising, and have encouraged others to do the same. Somehow, I doubt it will change anything. I’m “voting with my wallet” as well. Looks like I’ll be sending those gloves back that I just ordered. I encourage anyone who thinks that women in jerseys deserve better to do the same thing.

A scan of the page in question (courtesy of Mimi from the Team Estrogen web forum- I’ve made it small on purpose. Click for full-size):

5 thoughts on “Pearl Izumi, WTF were you thinking?!?

  1. I am really disgusted with that ad. I just bought a pair of PI gloves and have already worn them a few times so I can’t take them back.

    I simply don’t understand their marketing idea here. They are selling a jersey FOR women by showing women a pair of naked breasts? Because….*shakes head* Surely doesn’t make me want to go out and buy that jersey.

    Very strange.

    Thanks for blogging about this.

  2. Sick! Why do they want to make a tight sheer skimpy top but make the chamois in their shorts so big around and thick that your whole butt is completely covered and you feel like you are sitting on a stadium seat! My PI days are now officially completely over! Thanks for letting us know!

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