Syllamo Thanksgiving #2

The weather on Monday was a little bit dismal. The rain stopped early in the day, but clouds and fog hung around all day. Bruce decided that he’d hold down the couch while Ryan and I hit up the Ozark forest roads.

We parked on Green Mountain Road and began climbing. Earlier, I’d picked the route based on Google Earth maps. I’d found a “road” that looked like a nice overlook trail- It’s nice to have Ryan here to ride with me so I can get off the usual trails & roads and explore some of the ATV trails that rarely see traffic.

The trail we found was doubletrack ATV path that was either straight up or straight down. The steepness of the trails and the layer of wet leaves over the rocks and downed limbs made even the granniest-gear of climb or descent incredibly difficult. I’m looking forward to visiting it again without the thick cloudcover that was keeping us from enjoying the view.

We noticed countless numbers of ATV and horse trails along the forest roads. Since I don’t have a map to them, I’m not willing to explore them by myself. So, I’m planning on finding out from the forest service if there is a map available. They make great/challenging alternate routes when the weather saturates the mountain bike trails.

Good workout today. We basically hammered for 2.5 hours. Followup? Recovery pizza at Tommy’s Famous in Mountain View

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