Sometime back in January, Coach and I were discussing what alternatives were available to full-on strength training. I was looking for something different because, as I mentioned in my previous post, pre-season training was going to be a dive-in headfirst experience with little room for the physical stress and time constraints of conventional strength training. Also, I tend to gain weight when I lift… where do you think I got the nickname Brickhouse?

So, I decided I’d try yoga class. There are definite strength elements. There are also elements of balance, flexibility, alignment of posture, relaxation, and spirituality. In the last month, I’ve definitely benefited from ALL of those things. However, there’s one thing I wasn’t expecting…


Not literally speaking.

I’ve found that while yoga is incredibly challenging, it does not poke my competitive fire in any way, shape, or form. Going back again to my previous post… no one, including myself, has any expectations of my ability to practice yoga. It’s my hour and a half of doing something incredibly beneficial to my body while not caring if I’m not all that skilled at doing it. No competition. No expectations. It’s a perfect balance to when I throw a leg over a bike- also incredibly challenging, but there are expectations placed on every pedal stroke- both from in my own head and in the heads of those who observe/compete along beside me.

That’s OK, too, it’s just made me incredibly happy right now to have found something that can be equally as challenging as bike racing but that is mine and mine alone to care or not care about.

I find this to be the most awesome thing about yoga practice. I suggest you try it yourself.