Product Review: UVEX Boss Race Helmet

I picked one of these up while I was at Valley of the Sun over the weekend, and I am incredibly impressed with it. It’s really light (which is nice with my neck issues), and I LOVE the straps and inner fittings. The chin strap has nice padding, and the closure is adjustable, so it’s really simple to loosen or tighten on the fly while you ride (my straps always loosen up as they get damp & sweaty). The back has a twist-to-adjust thing on it, too.
Inside, it’s got a full sweat band in the front that keeps much more sweat off of your face than the usual interspersed pads on other helmets. The bug guard is nice to have, too, though there aren’t too many bugs out this time of year.

Here are a few photos:




Get one.

One thought on “Product Review: UVEX Boss Race Helmet

  1. Do you have Bell or a Giro shaped head? I definitely have Bell shaped head. Giro’s never fit me. I need a new helmet and this one is leading the pack. as far as looks go. But I can’t find anywhere that stocks them so I can try one on.

    Jason aka innergel

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