USGP Derby Cup Sunday

The fun part about racing in an “elite” race is the people who are there to watch. If you’re warming up or walking around in kit just before the race, random strangers smile & wish you good luck. It’s pretty cool, and I needed all the luck I could get.

Unlike crit racing where you have a “race to the race” in order to jockey for front line position, cross racing is staged. Since I was added to the roster on Saturday rather than pre-registered, I was staged last. Not really a great place to start a cyclocross race- especially one with an early mud pit where less confident riders were sure to take spills and cause traffic jams.

When the whistle blew, I started well and moved up into the back of the heard. However, after we rounded the first two corners and dove into the mud, I was momentarily overwhelmed… first off, the crowd was huge (ok, maybe 40-50 people huge) at that point. The sound of yelling and cowbells combined with a solid wall of spectators on both sides of the course overwhelmed/distracted me for a fraction of a second. At the same time, the woman next to me lost control of her bike and fell on me, forcing me to put a foot down as I exited the mud. Rounding the next corner, someone else shouldered me out to get a better line through the turn.

CRAP! I’d forgotten just how physical an elite race can get- the big-money crits are the same way- ladies won’t hesitate to throw an elbow/shoulder/knee your way in order to gain position. I had to snap myself out of the surprise and remind myself that I could throw elbows with the best of them. However, by that time, I’d fallen back to nearly last place going over the first set of barriers.

For the next 40 minutes, I rode to the point of stupor. I chased and passed and, at some points, had no idea where I was on course or how many laps were left. It was the most wonderful pain that only cyclocross racing can give… where you’re fighting and riding until your eyes almost bleed just to go from 21st to 20th.

Something I’ve noticed ever since leaving the Metro Volkswagen cycling team is that whenever I’m struggling or riding at my limit and it’s just not fast enough is that I can hear my former team manager (Nathan Rogut) screaming at me in my head. Somehow his breath traveled through the race radio and implanted itself in my brain tissue like some sort of symbiote… or is is a parasite? Hmmm…

“Don’t you dare f***ing stop pedaling!!!!!”

Yeah. I want to dig it out with an icepick sometimes.

So, I finished 20th out of 32 starters. Not bad for my first UCI cyclocross race, but with plenty of room for improvement. I think that starting a few rows up and not getting distracted during the first two minutes of the race might have gained a place or two for me, but I mostly need to work on just getting faster. Hopefully I can find a few photos from the weekend.

I’m looking forward to some more racing next weekend… hopefully some good competition will show up this time so I don’t have to race by myself.

Live USGP updates on Twitter (and a race report)

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Quick report from yesterday:
I raced the 3/4 race. It was a mistake. I started in the back and passed the leading woman within half a lap. Within a couple of more laps, I also passed the leader of the master’s 1/2/3 field, which started about a minute ahead of us. I went into the race not really knowing how I’d do since I haven’t raced more than 1 woman at a time, so when I crossed the finish line, I made a U-Turn and talked to an official. He upgraded me and got me added to the Elite race roster for today’s race. Should be interesting…

Cyclocrunk Finale Night!

Last night was the 3rd and final installment of our local cyclocross training series. It was also the first night that didn’t feature mud and standing water. The course was full of dry ruts from the previous races, but with less tire pressure and more speed, I never really noticed them.

I’m getting better at the LeMans start for sure… with perfect weather, a lot more people showed up, so it was crucial for staying out of traffic.

The course was fast. I FINALLY felt like I was really killing it over the barriers. I rode hard and only had a couple of mishaps- once, I was carrying a ton of speed into a turn, nearly ran into a fence, and had to dump the bike to avoid it; the other was a near-miss- there was a lapped rider in front of me as I approached a pre run-up barrier. For reasons unknown, he decided that it was a good idea to stop in front of the middle of the barrier and step over… I, on the other hand, was screaming towards the barrier trying to carry some momentum up the hill following it.

Important note- Cyclocrunk barriers are a lot narrower and about 3″ taller than regulation-sized barriers.

As I dismounted into a full-on sprint, I realized that he was not going to be out of my way and was forced to stop as quickly as possible so that I wouldn’t mow him down. My knees were a fraction of a second from buckling, but I managed not to make contact with him, his bike, or the barrier. Whew!

I don’ t know how I ended up overall, but I was the 1st place woman for the 3rd time, so, later at the Young Avenue Deli afterparty, I got my Queen of Crunk prize…


Beat the Freak Cyclocross #3 and #4

Traveled back to Fayetteville, TN over the weekend for some more cyclocross action.

Once again, on Saturday, conditions were not perfect. Some would call it typical Belgian Cyclocross weather- mud, temps in the mid 40’s, damp air, and wind. OK, so some people call this perfect cyclocross weather. I guess it could be much worse…

I lined up with a small group of Cat 3 men (including Ryan). No other women showed up for the 1/2/3 race, so I figured I’d test my legs against the guys. I ended up doing pretty well- Ryan won, and I finished 3rd- only about 10 seconds back from a guy that I tried my damnedest to pull back for the last 4 laps of the race. It would have been cool for us to get a 1-2, but I still turned in some good lap times and felt like I’d left everything out on the course.

Sunday was a gorgeous day. The skies cleared, temps were in the 50s, and the ground dried out a little bit. The course was nice, too- only one set of barriers! Ryan had upgraded overnight, so I raced against 3 other guys. I was hoping that the guy I’d almost beaten on Saturday would show up for round #2, but he was absent. Two of the guys were overnight 4-3 upgrades, so I had no idea how I’d fare against them. I had a couple of changes I wanted to make to my strategy- I decided I’d try to spin less, and I wanted to use a different “lifting” form with my bike over the barriers.

Both things made me a little bit faster- the bigger gear got my heart rate down a little, and lifting the bike so that I was flicking the wheels out to the side meant that I didn’t have to lift/jump as high over the barriers. That will be a nice skill to remember whenever I have a barrier to hop w/out much traffic around :) Even with my best effort, I still only managed a 3rd place. Once again, though, it was a hard-fought 3rd. I was dead by the time I finished!

Hopefully I can put that type of effort out next weekend @ the USGP race in Louisville. I’ll be testing the legs out against a much bigger group than what I’m used to, so it should be interesting.

Tonight- more Cyclocrunk!!!!

X.0 version 2.0

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, then you may remember this post. It’s the one where I killed my SRAM X.0 rear derailleur exactly one week after getting my Jet9. The guys at the shop told me that it wasn’t worth rebuilding, so I just ordered a couple of new X.9 ones as a replacement & emergency backup.I never checked the price of the X.0 rebuild because based on what they’d told me, the rebuild was either impossible or incredibly expensive.

Fast forward to now.

I’m waiting on a new Air9 frame (might be as late as the end of the month before it shows up), and I’ve been buying some key replacement parts to lighten the componentry of the future build. I have been eyeballing a medium cage X.0 derailleur, but then remembered that I had a busted long cage one in the garage. After a few minutes of searching, I found a medium rebuild kit for $76. Not bad!

So today, I fixed it! Now I’ve got a sweet, barely used SRAM X.0 medium cage derailleur that’s saving me a nice chunk of grams from the X.9. It also looks pretty damn cool…



X.0 (yer doin’ it wrong)


Rebuilt X.0


More Cyclocrunk, etc.

Not a whole lot going on right now. Tonight is the 2nd installment of the 3-race Cyclocrunk series. Looks like it’s gonna be muddier than last week. It should be interesting since I offered a nice helping of extra credit to one of my classes if any of the students want to show up and watch or participate in the race. They seemed excited. I’m not sure if it was excitement for the race or excitement at the potential for free beer (the race promoter takes the accumulated entry money and opens a bar tab with it) at Young Ave. Deli next week…

It should be painful. Yesterday I started the first of many weight training sessions for the off-season, and, even though I kept the weight stupidly light, today my legs are uber-sore. My goal is to get into the weightroom 2-3 mornings per week through winter. For the next few weeks, I’ll be focusing on muscular endurance in order to prepare to move on to a more strength-focused phase sometime around December. Yesterday’s workout went something like this:

Speed Squat 3×15
Walking Lunge 3×15 (reps per leg)
Dips 3×15
Pullups (used a large rubber band to assist) 3×10, 8, 8
Anterior-concentric, Lateral-eccentric Shoulder raises 3×15
Cable pull w/oblique twist 3×15
Physio ball crunches (holding 8# med ball) 3×15

I tried my best to only take ~30sec rest between sets. It was pretty tough, but only because I’ve been out of the weightroom all summer since the first set of bruised ribs I aquired while demo-ing a MTB back in late March.

Once I get through the three classic periodzation preperatory stages (endurance/hypertrophy, basic strength, max strength/power), I’ll probably switch to a more “unconventional” Cross-fit style program (see link in the sidebar) modified to complement the on-bike training I’ll be doing in late winter.

Cyclocrunk #1

Yes, this is a bit belated.

Ryan and I headed to midtown last week for the local cyclocross training series (Cyclocrunk) held @ Tobey Park.

The course included 9 barriers- 8 of which were obviously taller than the 40cm “legal” height, 1 going downhill, and 2 sets just far enough apart that you could almost ride between them, but not quite. Oh yeah- and a sand pit.

Otherwise, the course was pretty easy. Following a LeMans start, I spent the next 40 minutes riding pretty damn hard. I ended up somewhere around 8th overall (1st for the 3 or 4 women that showed up). I beat a few guys that were obviously faster than me last year, so that was nice.

We’ll race again the next two Tuesdays. Barring injury (my previously torn hip adductor started to ache a bit w/ the repeated dismounts), I should end up being the 2009 “Queen of Crunk.” Wooha!

Here are a couple of photos, courtesy of Micheal Carpenter @ Switch Creative:



12 Hours of Stank!

It’s not often that you get the opportunity to go to a 12 hour race that’s ~10 miles from your house, so I was excited to enter the 12 Hours of Stank @ Nesbit Park in Bartlett. Since I’ve been in post-season break mode since Oak Ridge, I wasn’t feeling particularly ready for a 12 hour solo race. No worries, though, because Carter, Ryan, and I decided to form a relay team.

We couldn’t have asked for better race-day weather (ok, so I was a little bit cold, but I can’t really complain). We decided that I’d ride the opening lap since I’d likely have the fastest lap times. Even with a slip up on some Blue Trail roots (first of several falls of the day), I still managed a lap time of close to 53 minutes.

At the start line (side note… dang, I look skinny here!):


We swapped single laps all day. Unfortunately, Ryan had a flat tire on one lap and a broken chain during the next. The time it took to repair those mechanicals meant that we’d each complete 4 laps (otherwise, I would have gone out for a 5th sometime before the cutoff of 9:00pm).

Steve is my co-pilot:


Even so, we still won the Co-ed 3-person relay division of the race (ok, I’ll admit- we were the only entry… though I still think we kicked a little butt!)

Post race photo:

Bike Parts!

Eventually, I’ll have an Air9 frame… when? No idea. So, in the meantime, I’ll just post (in true Weight Weenie style) parts that I’ve bought to lighten up my current set of components that were on the Jet9:

SRAM Red Front Derailleur:


SPEEN Umlenker Top-Pull Adapter:




X.0 Grip Shift (+cables):


I’ve got Easton Carbon bars, too, but I didn’t take a photo.

Oh yeah, and Ryan, Carter, and I raced as a relay team in the 12 hours of Stank yesterday… I’ll write up a report tomorrow at some point…

Moment of Silence

Text messge transcript from a friend out in Cali who happens to be friends w/the guys @ Niner:

HW: Yo. Did Jens have Bikes Plus stickies on it?If so, I’m totally holding your rear triangle.
Me: OMG Yes!!!
HW: :P
Me: You can go ahead and overnight that Air frame to me- K THX!
HW: Wish I could
Me: That’s pretty cool that you got to play with my bike. Is it taken apart and thrown in the scrap pile now?
HW: I didn’t want to say anything but yeah, pretty much scrap piled. And I could only find the rear. They’re hammering the frames to death even if they’re new. Sad to watch.

Yes. Jens is gone.